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Bonus: Interrogating the Mueller Report

Reaction was swift and intense when news broke that special counsel Robert Mueller had concluded his investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. While Donald Trump takes a victory lap, both his opponents and his supporters are leaping to conclusions based on a four-page summary issued by AG William Barr. But until Mueller's full report is released, there's simply not enough information to properly characterize the investigation's outcome.

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2018 In Review

At the start of a new year, producer Josh Raulerson joins David for a recap of 2018's biggest criminal justice stories and a look at what may be in store for 2019.

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#48: Police Can Tap Your Cell Phone, And They Don’t Need Anyone’s Permission

Stingray cell phone simulators can capture personal data from your phone calls – who you’re talking to, your phone number and the contents of the call.

You won’t know it’s happening, and the Cato Institute’s Adam Bates says the FBI requires they stay a secret, "not just to the public, but also to courts, to legislators, even to defense attorneys. So there's so much that we still don't know about what police are doing with this technology.”

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