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what’s patreon?

Patreon is a membership platform that lets fans and followers support content creators whose work they value, and helps content creators thank supporters with exclusive benefits. Think of it as a tip jar that rewards you for tipping.

Why membership?

If you listen to a lot of podcasts, you’ve probably heard others talk about why they use Patreon. For most, it’s about more than just compensation for their work and expenses — it’s about making their shows sustainable, while keeping themselves accountable to the people who consume the content.

For us, the membership approach is a natural outgrowth of our roots in public radio, where direct listener support has always been the business model. It’s a source of revenue to keep the lights on — and, with enough support, to expand and enhance our output. But it’s also a great way to identify and build relationships with our most passionate listeners, so we can make the show better and more responsive to what the audience wants to hear.

So why should you become a member? Apart from the great feeling of supporting a worthy project, you’ll also have access to more Criminal Injustice content via the Members feed, where we post extra bonus episodes, special series, videos, and more.

how much…?

We appreciate any contribution, no matter how large or small. $5 a month is all it takes to access the Members feed, but if you’re inclined to kick in a bit more, please do! We’ll be adding more membership tiers with more benefits as we grow, so stay tuned.

how do i access the members feed?

When you pledge $5/month or more on our Patreon, you’ll be given a private RSS feed address that’s uniquely linked to your account. Plug it into Apple Podcasts, or whatever podcast app you use, and listen as you would to any other podcast feed. Alternatively, you can listen via the Patreon website or app. Member-only videos and other media are also available to stream directly via Patreon.

can i still listen for free?

Of course! The free feed will continue as normal. The Members feed is our way of thanking patrons, but we don’t want anybody to miss out because they can’t afford a membership.

what else can i do to help?

There are plenty of ways to support Criminal Injustice without spending a dime. We rely on positive ratings and reviews to grow the audience — so if you enjoy the show, show us some love on Apple Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, or wherever you listen. You can also Like and engage with our Facebook page, and join the Criminal Injustice listeners’ Facebook group.

If you can spare a few minutes of your time, take the listener survey to help us better understand who our audience is and what they want to hear.