Criminal (In)Justice

with David A. Harris



lawyers behaving badly: that's not how attorney-client privilege works


In this "Lawyers Behaving Badly" bonus segment: a Florida defense attorney produces porn videos in a jail interview room, featuring arrested sex workers he falsely claims to represent.


Bonus: Does Anyone Care What Jeff Sessions Thinks About Marijuana?


U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has rescinded an Obama-era policy directing federal prosecutors to de-prioritize enforcement of marijuana prohibition in states that have legalized the drug. Will the new directive slow the growing acceptance of legal weed among voters, states, and mainstream politicians? (Spoiler: It will not.)




In the criminal justice system, things can go terribly wrong: convictions of the innocent, or killings of unarmed suspects.  We use the courts and investigations try to see who’s to blame.  But we do little to learn ways to stop it from happening again.  

Using procedures from the worlds of medicine and aviation as a guide, attorney James Doyle has become the leading advocate for using Sentinel event analysis as way to understand and fix systemic problems in criminal justice.