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"Attempts and accomplishes something extraordinary – in a compact amount of time, the host tackles complex societal challenges and presents the nuances of competing interests that will impact potential solutions. Enlightening and thought-provoking.

– BruceJayBee, iTunes reviewer

David Harris makes legal issues easy for all people to understand. One does not need to be an expert to grasp the ideas at the core of these interviews. He is entertaining and interesting. This is a fantastic podcast for all people who care about the most important social and political issues of our day.
— AliciaPGH, iTunes reviewer

"I’ve only listened to the first two interviews but so far, I think they’ve been great."

– Gregory Antollino, New York civil rights attorney

Really enjoyed the first episode! This is the perfect balance between in-depth discussion but also explanation for those less familiar with the subject area. Highly recommended.
— Johnnie5s, iTunes reviewer

“Even for someone familiar with most of the issues you describe, it's still quite informative ... When I listen, I just wish I could call just to say, 'Long time listener. I have nothing to add but hallelujah. Preach!' I reckon the feeling is shared by so many… By the way, the instrumental at the end is awesome tunes.”

– Akin Adepoju, Pittsburgh, Pa.

I really did like the prosecutor and the over-incarceration episodes.
— Gregory Antollino, New York civil rights attorney