#34: The NAACP and Criminal Justice in the 21st Century


The NAACP used the legal system to overcome separate but equal, desegregate schools and public facilities, and bring some measure of equal justice to African Americans living under Jim Crow laws in the U.S. What role does this legendary organization have now in the era of Black Lives Matter, and how would Thurgood Marshall interpret it all?

Christina Swarns is Director of Litigation for the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund. She tells us what the organization does in the modern era and how its litigators work to solve problems still plaguing racial minorities in a flawed criminal justice system.

Want to know more about the late, great Thurgood Marshall? Start with Gilbert King's "Devil in the Grove."

Learn more about the "decidedly lopsided argument" presented in defense of Texas death row inmate Duane Buck that Swarns represented to the U.S. Supreme Court last month.